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Synthetic Web Slings

Web Slings

The standard stocked slings we provide are Lift-All Webmaster 1600 series in a 2-Ply Type 4 (tapered & twisted eye) configuration.

Stocked sizes include widths from 1"-4" depending on required Working Load

and lengths from 3 feet to 40 feet.

*Available to order with Edge Guard or Tuff-Edge material upon request.

LiftAll Tuflex Endless Roundslings

A endless synthetic sling made from polyester yarn covered by a double wall tubular jacket.

-Light weight reduces fatigue and strain on riggers

-Synthetic materials won't cut hands

-Consistent matched lengths for better multiple sling load control

-No loss of strength from abrasion to cover

-Tuff-tag provides serial numbered identification

-Low stretch (about 3% at rated capacity) good for low headroom lifts

Roundsling construction protects all load carrying core yarns from abrasion with an independent, woven jacket. Replacement is not necessary until the red striped white core yarns can be seen through holes in the jacket.

Tuflex slings can also be ordered in a Eye by Eye configuration as well.

Sling Protection

Corner protectors or sling wear pads can greatly prolong the life of a sling. Wear pad hook & loop, Quick Sleeves can be easily installed on flat and round slings.

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