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Wire Rope

Commonly Stocked Wire Rope & Cable Diameters

6x25 Class                             7x19 Class

1/4"                                          1/16"

5/16"                                        3/32"

3/8"                                         1/8"

7/16"                                        3/16"

1/2"                                          7/32"

5/8"                                         1/4"

3/4"                                          5/16"

1"                                              3/8"

19x7 Class Rotation-Resistant





Grade Wire IPS, or EIPS (Extra/ Improved Plow Steel)


Wire Rope Classification

-6x19 (most common across all industries)

-6x37 (increased flexibility/ less abrasion resistance)

-19x7 (rotation-resistant)

-7X19 (steel cable)

Also available in stainless or galvanized

Most commonly wire rope will be made from a steel core or fiber core.

Steel cores provide more support to the outer strands during the wire rope's operating life. Steel cores also resist crushing, are more resistant to heat, reduce the amount of stretch, and increase the strength of the rope.


Wire rope is constructed in a regular right lay unless otherwise requested.


When using a caliper to determine a wire rope diameter, measure the extreme outer limits of the strands.


Protective coatings also available.

(Galvanized, Vinyl)


Always inspect wire rope before use & always adhere to Working Load Limits (W.L.L.)

Common abuses

-Shock-Loading/ vibration



-Severe Heat

-Machinery Operation/ Use on sheaves

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