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Whether you're lifting, pulling, towing or securing loads, it's important to find the right hook for the job. See a variety of styles for overhead and non-overhead lifting.


There are many variations of shackles, and are available in different materials and finishes. A primary connecting link in all rigging systems.

Wire Rope Clips

Used to secure the end of wire rope when forming a loop. Clips should be used in conjunction with a wire rope thimble and may require torqueing.

Wedge & Socket
Wedge & Socket

Secures the "dead end" of the wire rope to the wedge, locking it in place. Eliminates the need for a extra piece of wire rope, and is easily installed.



Provides easy means of tensioning, loosening and removing of chain and rope load lines. Forged then hot dip galvanized.


Eye Bolts & Swivels

Eye bolts are used as anchor points for many rigging applications. Swivels are used for eliminating twists in rope and chain load lines.


Lifting Clamps
Lifting Clamps

Lifting clamps with a safety mechanism, consisting of locking device. When the load is being lifted, clamping force increases by weight of the load.

Swivel Hoist Rings

Designed to be rigged from the center or the side with a load centering eyebolt. Hoist rings can pivot and swivel.


Snatch Blocks & Sheaves

A block with a side plate that can be opened for easy insertion of cable without having to remove the load or cable fittings.


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